WE ALWAYS love to hear from you.  Talk to us about your experience with Nurses on Call and we'll post it on our website.  Here's what our clients and staff have to say about us.

MICHELLE CAPPS (CLIENT):  "For the last 11 years my handicapped
daughter clientand I have benefited from NOC's commitment to both professionalism and expertise in all aspects of the medical field.  My experience with the quality of care prompted me to gain employment with such a caring business."

JAY RINKER (CLIENT):  "I have been disabled for 18 years.  I have had services with different companies and Nurses on Call have been both compassionate and professional in their care of me.  Top drawer company!

REV. CHARLES T. AND PATRICIA JENNINGS (CLIENTS):  "As parents of three loving disabled sons, we have had special needs that few could adequately understand or help us with.  The we found Leslie, with her comprehensive and very caring organization aptly named Nurses on Call.

For every difficulty and problem we have encountered, Leslie and the employees at Nurses on Call have been available, accessible and helpful.  Our lives and especially those of our sons have been enriched and made better through their untiring efforts.

Having worked with another similar helping agency prior to contracting with Nurses On Call, we must say that the past three years association with Leslie and her orgainzation have blessed us immensely.  We recommend them highly to families who have needs like ours."

TJ (CLIENT):  "I never knew these sevices existed until I met Leslie with Nurses on Call.  I was able to bring by dad home from an assisted living facility in Charleston to his home in Hartsville.  Nurses on Call provided 24 hour care.  He was so happy to be home."